Big Speech Coming Up? Read These Top Public Speaking Tips First!

Many types of business communication depend upon public speaking. If your job requires it, you may feel a bit intimidated. However, you need not fear. There are suggestions that can help you through the situation. This article is filled with great ideas to help you. Read on for great ideas. Before you do anything else, […]


Lukas Hradecky: Finland’s super stopper who loves a pint and a joke

Finland had just beaten Belarus 2-0 and the goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky was thanking the fans behind his goal when he suddenly grabbed a full pint of beer from a supporter’s hand and drank it all with just one gulp. It was a typical Hradecky moment. Always a broad smile on his face and a joke […]


Deficient immune cells implicated in TB disease progression

Nearly a quarter of the world’s population is estimated to be infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb), the pathogen that causes tuberculosis, but less than 15 percent of infected individuals develop the disease. A study published May 24 in Nature Immunology by investigators from Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the Broad Institute of […]


JPMorgan Chase on opening bank branches: 200 down, 200 to go

JPMorgan Chase & Co is halfway through a campaign to open 400 new bank branches and is closing in on being the first U.S. bank to have a brick and mortar presence in every state except Alaska and Hawaii, a bank executive said on Wednesday. JPMorgan is already the largest American bank by assets, providing […]


TikTok updates US privacy policy to collect ‘faceprints and voiceprints’ (but won’t explain what they are)

TikTok has updated its privacy policy in the US to notify users that the app might, in future, collect new types of biometric information including “faceprints and voiceprints.” But when reached by The Verge, TikTok was unable to explain what types of data these terms referred to, or why the app might need to access […]


Man mortified after realising he buried his neighbour’s cat thinking it was his own

A man was left mortified after burying his neighbour’s cat which he mistakenly thought was his own. Sharing his story anonymously, the man said that his favourite pet, literally named Favourite, had gone missing so he went in search of the wayward feline. But his heart dropped when he found a cat with the exact […]


Bowling coach calls on Cricket Australia to release ball-tampering report

David Saker, the coach in charge of Australia’s bowlers during the sandpaper Test match in Cape Town in 2018, has called on Cricket Australia to release the secret report it commissioned into the ball-tampering scandal. The sport’s governing body in Australia has kept the report under lock and key since its findings led to bans […]


Replacement with non-allergenic joints can provide relief

Allergies to metals used in artificial joint hardware, or to the bone cement used to secure them, can cause severe pain, itching, swelling and loosening of the joint, according to research at National Jewish Health. Replacement with implants that contain only non-allergenic components can provide relief for this group of patients. “Allergies to the metals […]


Oil hits over 1-year high on OPEC+ supply discipline, demand prospects

Oil prices surged on Wednesday, hitting their highest in more than a year from a decision by OPEC and allies to stick to the plan to gradually restore supply, along with the slow pace of nuclear talks between Iran and the United States. Brent rose $1.1, or 1.6%, to settle at $71.35 a barrel. It […]


iOS 14 basics: how to quit an app on your iPhone

Even iOS apps occasionally misbehave — they can crash, or freeze, or otherwise stop working. If you’re new to iOS, or just haven’t had this happen before, you may not know how to actually quit an app (as opposed to just swiping it off your screen). Here’s how to quit an app using iOS 14: […]