Man mortified after realising he buried his neighbour’s cat thinking it was his own

A man was left mortified after burying his neighbour’s cat which he mistakenly thought was his own.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said that his favourite pet, literally named Favourite, had gone missing so he went in search of the wayward feline.

But his heart dropped when he found a cat with the exact same markings as Favourite, and it was very sick and soon sadly passed away.

Distraught, the man took the lifeless feline home and buried it in his garden – so he was understandably shocked when his favourite cat arrived back home in the middle of the night.

Sharing his story on Reddit, the man said that he had been on holiday and left the cat in the care of a neighbour when Favourite went missing.

He said: “When I arrived from work, just before dinner, I noticed my black and white cat, named Favourite, was missing, something that is not usual of him for more than one day.

“I went to look for him in the surroundings and talk to my friendly neighbour. Just as I arrive at my neighbour’s house I notice a black and white cat, apparently sick, in a very bad condition, lying down.

“My heart was pounding and I could not believe that I had just found the cat – it is worth mentioning that the cat was in another neighbour’s backyard and I could not go there without permission to help and identify.

“I knocked and asked my friendly neighbour if she saw our cat, to which she replies that she hasn’t seen the cat for two days.

“I mention the cat that was lying on the floor and asked for help identifying and possibly talking to the other neighbour so that we could go to their backyard to provide assistance to the cat.

“She could not identify the cat as hers from her window and mentioned that her cat was smaller, saying for sure it was not her cat. She gave us permission to go to the backyard. We rushed to try and help the cat but it was too late. The cat was already stiff dead.

“My heart almost stopped. I was having trouble looking at the cat and even more trouble trying to identify him. My friendly neighbour never came close.”

The Reddit user continued: “I buried several animals as I grew up on a farm but this one was being particularly difficult. Especially since this cat, adopted from the street, was as the name says, my favourite.

“I buried the cat, in a somewhat shallow grave and went home. I could not eat and was very, very sad. Thoughts on all the recent events and what I could have changed so that the cat would not die.

“After a few tears and sobs, and a nice cup of tea, I went to sleep.

“I was sleeping and I hear a scratch on the door. I went sleepwalking to the door thinking Farrusca wanted to get out or come in to find my Favorite standing at the door looking at me like nothing happened.

“He then proceeds to enter mewing all the way as if saying, ‘why the hell did you take so long to open the door!’

“I was… Well… Seeing a ghost, or crazy… I woke up my wife just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming or crazy… For a moment I wanted to hug, kiss, and slap the bastard at the same time.

“He proceeded to go to sleep in our bed… as usual… And did not give a fuck about anything else.”

He added: “Today I will have to explain to an old lady that her cat died, that I buried her cat thinking it was mine, and to another, that I buried a cat that means nothing to her in her backyard.”

Oh dear!